Beyond Intuition. A remarkable gift, bridging the gap between the seen and unseen. The capacity for understanding that transcends the tangible.

Welcome to the Academy of Spirit and Soul. Offering you (4)-levels of certification in spiritual communication.

a mediumship academy where I have the honour of mentoring mediums to know that they are gift to the world—what makes me different is the very thing that blesses them with purpose.

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awaken what is authentic

Our differences are what make us extraordinary. Embracing who we are even when it sets us apart, can lead to a life of authenticity and purpose.

I have always been disconnected from the conventional path. Despite my best efforts to conform, I was inherently different from an early age. I have always been in tune with a realm beyond our own, communicating with the non-physical world, and experiencing things that many people cannot see.

My connection made it difficult for me to fit into the mold of 'normal'.  The more I tried to force myself into that box, the more isolated and emotionally despondent I became.

I am a testament to the power of staying true to oneself, and I encourage you to embrace your uniqueness with pride. You never know how your extraordinary gifts and perspective can inspired and uplift the world around you.


Downtown Edmonton Sunset Rooftop Couples Session
Downtown Edmonton Sunset Rooftop Couples Session

your presence enriches the world

These programs cover every facet of spiritual communication and will nurture you whole - mind, body, heart, and soul.  They provide you with the opportunity to enhance your skills, gain practical knowledge of the energetic aspects of spiritual communication and unlock potential through growth, healing, and development.

Foster greater confidence and trust in who you are by overcoming fear, doubt, and unravel the beliefs that have lead you to believe that you are anything less than capable, worthy, and deserving of taking up space. Learn to embrace what makes you unique and recognize that your individuality is a source of strength. 

Deepen your passion for helping others. Delve into the profound work of the spirit realm and beyond to open the door to infinite possibilities and vastly enhance the quality of your life.





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Level 1, Spiritual Art of Mediumship

Everyone starts here ...

This comprehensive 12-module program encompasses all aspects of developing your mediumship skills. It is carefully crafted to assist you in fully unlocking and nurturing your abilities, allowing you to establish safe, love-filled connections with the spirit realm.

Addressing the most frequently encountered questions among novices and those in the process of honing their mediumistic talents, this program provides you with the opportunity to delve into the profound, transformative power of mediumship. Moreover it equips you with all the necessary tools should you decide to pursue this vocation professionally.

This course is a pre-requisite to the other levels of certification.

Art of Mediumship

Bonnie is well known for ensuring everyone feels seen, heard, and appreciated for who they are.

An expert in the field, a phenomenal instructor, in the joy of her company and within her community, you will deeply sense your belonging.

Looking for personalized 1-on-1 private training? An academy certified mentor can serve as an exceptional guide for you to complete your Level 1 certification. Please reach out to our office to pursue this option.


Helena - Washington, USA

This course was simply amazing! It exceeded my expectations. The teacher, the way it was taught, the design of the learning material. I did not feel I was taking a course online. The accountability assignments were very creative and kept me on my toes. Every week was a new experience. I highly recommend this course. Thank-you Bonnie for being an incredible inspiration to me and helping me thin the veil  to the other side.


Your Journey Begins

Upon registration, you will receive access to a 12-module audio-video program that takes a comprehensive, heart-centered approach to spiritual communication, offering an integrative learning experience.

Empower your connection to the realm of spirit. You will gain access to all the program content, including training modules and home study assignments to enhance your skills. Bonus materials and assessments are provided to monitor your progress and prepare you for live training with Bonnie.

Live Training

This is your chance to take everything you have learned through the audio/video program and bring it to life! Registration is open until May 22, 2024

  • Saturday June 8, 2024 - 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  • Sunday June 9, 2024 - 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Engage in interactive activities with fellow classmates and receive support from Bonnie and academy certified mentors to enhance your skills and overcome challenges. Your active participation is vital for your certification. Audio recordings of the live training will be available.

All the information to connect with the online Zoom classroom is available through your student portal.


Continued Support

Your training with Bonnie does not end after the weekend intensive.

You will receive (6)-months access to Bonnie's private monthly development class be welcomed into her exclusive online mentoring community, as well as the chance to participate in her weekly energy updates.

With your Level 1, Spiritual Art of Mediumship certification you also have the chance to continue to your mediumistic training through Levels 2-4 (information below) and granted access to a plethora of other opportunities not otherwise available to the public.

Your Investment

Investing in this program, is a significant investment in yourself. Its' a step towards personal growth and empowerment that will bring valuable rewards for years to come. It offers a safe, nurturing environment to explore your abilities with a mentor who is genuinely invested in your success.

This program will elevate your skills in spiritual communication to new heights.


$1,500.00 (Canadian Residents add GST)

or, save 50% on your tuition for this class by registering for both Level 1 & Level 2. Learn more about Level 2  HERE

* * Register below to receive the discount.

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Level 2, Spirited Away Advanced Masters

We go deeper...

This program combines a launch retreat with 10-months of online classes to take your mediumistic skills, evidential experiences and confidence to a profound, new level. You will go through intensive development to refine your mediumistic talents with emphasis as to how to leverage your woo to enhance wellness in all areas of your life - both personally and professionally.

We immerse further into some of the previous modules of Level 1 to increase your potential in spiritual communication, elevate the quality of your connections and messaging, and up level your life.

Level 1 Spiritual Art of Mediumship certification makes you eligible for this program.

Spirited Away
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Level 3, Leadership Elite

Expand into purpose...

This program has been designed to support your unique purpose through mediumship - to honour your call as a healer, teacher, speaker, author, entrepreneur, author and more. This 9-month certification course combines further mediumistic study to shift through barriers that have been draining your energy and power, and Self-actualize.

You will be encouraged forward on your path with actionable steps and a keen sense of direction to take your place in service to others on a larger platform with confidence. We do some deep soul work to empower you from within so that you may further enlighten those you are called to serve with purpose.

Level 1 Spiritual Art of Mediumship and Level 2 Spirited Away certifications make you eligible for this program.

L3 - Leadership Elite
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Level 4 Elevate, Master Medium Alchemy

Inspire countless individuals to know and live their light.

This program offers you the chance to further enhance your spiritual communication, engage more fully in purpose-focused work by supporting other mediums growth, and development. You also get to create a more full, abundant, and empowered life for yourself, to embody your worthiness, and align with the infinite potential that is within you.

A Level 3 Leadership Elite certification or current enrolment status makes you eligible for this program.

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