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The Academy of Spirit and Soul Mediumship School offers mediums who are ready to journey deep into the heart of spiritual communication and soul purpose, the opportunity to follow their passions in helping others.

Many people do not believe they have the ability to communicate with the spirit realm, and yet something calls them forward to learn more.

The truth is, everyone has the ability; it is just about finding it, developing, nurturing and embracing the gift of mediumship with an open heart. And having a little help along the way, can make all the difference.


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There was a time in my life that I was completely disconnected from who I was. Life was appropriate and conventional and although I tried my best to fit in, I really didn't.  I am a spiritual empath, a.k.a medium or as some people put it, I talk to dead people.

I realized that I was different at a very early age.  I have seen them, heard them, sensed and talked to the spirit world around me my whole entire life. And it was because of this, it made it nearly impossible to be 'normal', and the more I tried, the more disconnected I was.

After a series of very difficult circumstances and through what I can only call the dark night of my soul. I was completely losing a sense of meaning and purpose - I lost myself. It was through my journey of finding my way back from what felt like a hopeless existence, I discovered the real gift in my connection to Spirit.... to utilize my connection to the spiritual realms and make a positive difference in my life and the lives of others.

It has been through embracing my woo, that not only did I regain a sense of purpose, I am healthier and happier in my life now, more than ever. And what a joy it is to support other mediums to enhance their unique connection to the spiritual realms and live their lives in service expressing what is authentic to their soul.

Mediumship is not something that I do, being a medium is who I am. It is my sincerest hope that through the opportunities offered at he Academy of Spirit,  that mediums everywhere know that they are gift to the world. What makes them different is the very thing that blesses them with purpose.

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 Go beyond intuition and  and discover your mediumistic potential.

I have developed a strategic, heart-centered approach with signature programs that offer you everything  to be empowered by your connection to the spiritual realms and embrace your unique purpose.

Immerse yourself in an opportunity to explore the gift of being a medium.

Empower your relationship with the other side!

Classes are infused with helpful tools and practical experiential exercises. The programs offered not only support you in spirit communication, they help to awaken what is authentic to your soul.

The Academy of Spirit and Soul provides you the opportunity to enhance your skills, gain practical knowledge, overcome obstacles, fears, doubts,  grow in confidence in your connection with the other side, and vastly improve the quality of life through working with spirit realm and beyond.

Bonnie Wirth Consulting

Embrace Your Woo

Discover the gift of your gifts

✓ learn to confidently trust in your connections

understand your sensitivity, how spirit communication works and why it is possible

✓ decode self-defeating beliefs and finally overcome them

✓ break free from fear-based blocks to thin the veil

✓ evolve your potential through spiritual growth and continued development

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Delve Into the Theory

Knowledge is power 

✓ comprehensive and easy to understand information

✓ understand the concepts underlying the distinct aspects of spiritual communication

✓ balance the theory with validating evidential experiences, practicum assignments and assessments

✓ learn the key components for effective mediumship readings




Foster Connections

Strengthen the link

✓ refine techniques to sustain safe connections

✓ easily identify how the spirit world communicates with you

✓ practice giving accurate, evidential readings and relay messages with ease

✓ be an ambassador for spirit to the best of your abilities

✓ grow in purpose in supportive and accepting community


Energy Advantages

Frequency of GoOD Vibes

✓ discover the advantages to a healthy, balanced energy system

✓ enhance personal wellness - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

✓ eliminate empathic overwhelm and decrease anxiety

✓ uplift your connections

✓ create longevity of purpose and thrive



Awaken and Evolve

Honour Your Call

✓ move through lifetimes of karma

✓ shift to a heightened state of consciousness

✓ create balance between being spiritual and human

✓ raise the standards for your life by discovering your worthiness

✓ gain appreciation for the sacredness of being the voice of the spiritual realms

✓ serve others with integrity, with more love and compassion than you ever thought possible


Beautiful things happen when you step onto the unique path of your Soul!

Register today for the  “Spiritual Art of Mediumship” certification program


“Bonnie Wirth is a change maker. She is a miracle worker. She is a transformer. How she does what she does is a marvel to behold. She is a gift to humanity. Working with Bonnie and seeing her work with others is to witness love in action in a way only Bonnie can express. Do not miss your opportunity to work with this rare and gifted healer. I love Bonnie Wirth.”

Angela Montano
International Spiritual Coach and Prayer Counselor
Rethink Prayer

There are (4) certification opportunities available to you! 


Level 1, Beginner-Intermediate

Everyone in the Academy starts here 

This 12-module program covers all the bases. It is is designed to help you fully open and develop your mediumistic skills to sustain safe, love-filled connections with the other side. It answers the most-commonly answered questions among new and developing mediums and offers you the chance to explore the profound, healing nature of mediumship. It also offers everything you need should you choose to do this work professionally.

This course is a pre-requisite.  Upon completion, you are officially welcomed into the Academy with access to continued education and development opportunities not otherwise available. You also join my global, online community "Mediums OM Spirit Lounge" offering you continued support, guidance and to take your exploration in spiritual communication to an even deeper level.

Spirited Away

Level 2, Advanced Masters

We go deeper

This program combines a launch retreat with 10-months of online classes to take your mediumistic skills, evidential experiences and confidence to a profound, new level. You will go through intensive development to refine your mediumistic talents with emphasis as to how to leverage your woo to enhance wellness in all areas of your life - both personally and professionally.

We immerse further into some of the previous modules of Level 1 to increase your potential in spiritual communication, elevate the quality of your connections and messaging, and up level your life.

As an added bonus, with the successful completion of all the program requisites, you will receive my personal recommendation along with your certificate.

Leadership Elite

Level 3, Masters Leadership

Expand into purpose

This program has been designed to support your unique purpose through mediumship - to honour your call as a healer, teacher, speaker, author, entrepreneur, author and more. This 9-month certification course combines further mediumistic study to shift through barriers that have been draining your energy and power, and Self-actualize.

You will be encouraged forward on your path with actionable steps and a keen sense of direction to take your place in service to others on a larger platform with confidence. We do some deep soul work to empower you from within so that you may further enlighten those you are called to serve with purpose.

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Teacher Facilitator

Elevate others

Help other mediums by learning how to best mentor their rising talent.

Through this 12-month program, I share my years of mentorship and facilitating experience and mediumship know-how. I take you behind the scenes and provide you with the essential energetic elements I have used over the years to generate success for my students in their mediumship development.

This program is open to both Level 2 and Level 3 students. Using the Spiritual Art of Mediumship program as a facilitating reference, I walk you through all aspects of mediumship development from a facilitators perspective to help unlock an individuals potential and success in spirit communication - elevating your own potential in the process!

 Join me for the Spiritual Art of Mediumship!

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