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Beautiful things happen when you step onto the unique path of your Soul!


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Immerse yourself in an opportunity to unfold your gifts as a medium and empower your authentic relationship with the other side!

Many people do not believe they have the ability to communicate with Spirit and yet something calls them forward to learn more.

The Academy of Spirit and Soul Mediumship School offers mediums who are ready to journey deep into the heart of mediumship to follow their passions in service of others through Spirit. 

These classes are infused with helpful tools and practical experiential exercises to awaken and increase connection and communication with Spirit. Everyone has the ability; it is just about finding it, developing, nurturing and embracing the gift of mediumship with an open heart.

The Academy of Spirit and Soul provides you the opportunity to enhance your skills, gain practical knowledge, overcome obstacles, fears, doubts,  grow in confidence in your connection with the other side, and vastly improve the quality of life through working with Spirit.

There was a time in my life that I felt completely disconnected from who I was 

Deep inside of me I felt like I really did not fit in with the rest of the world. I had a sense that I was different at a very early age. Life was dry, serious, appropriate and conventional and although I tried my best to fit in by playing at being someone I was not; it was impossible!  My true nature could only be hidden for a short time.

I AM a Medium and Spirit would not let me forget it!

After a series of very difficult circumstances and what felt like completely losing a sense of who I was or having any purpose in life, I discovered the real gift in my connection to Spirit:

  – immense healing for my Spirit, Mind and Body

  – a way to gain clarity, make decisions and get direction for my life that was always in my highest and best

  – how to feel safe, secure and no longer live in fear

  – to utilize my connection to Spirit to make a positive difference in my life and the lives of others

I regained a sense of purpose. In the last decade, I have supported hundreds people deepen their relationship  with the other side, enhance their unique connection to the Spirit world, experience transformational healing  and live a life in service authentic to their Soul.

The Academy of Spirit and Soul now provides a way for me to help you do the same!

I have developed a strategic heart-centered approach with a signature program that not only provides all the goods  behind how the Spirit world works, it give you everything you need to safely strengthen your connection with it. Together, we go beyond  intuition and explore the profound healing nature of mediumship and discover your mediumistic potential.  

Build Your Mediumship Muscle

Discover how Spirit communication works and why it is possible. Practice doing one-on-one evidential readings and learn to easily identify Spirit energy through spiritual growth and continued development. Learn how to blend with Spirit and receive wisdom and intended messages with ease. Over come blocks, fears and challenges in communication with the other side.

Delve Into the Theory

Knowledge is power! Detailed, comprehensive theory underlying the distinct aspects of communication with Spirit in an easy to understand format. Practicum assignments and exams to balance the theory of spirit communication and validating evidence through accurate messaging and experiences.

Cultivate Strong Connections

Understand the various ways to receive from Spirit and learn the key components of effective mediumship reading. Practice techniques to refine your gifts in a safe and supportive learning environment so  you are able to be an ambassador for Spirit to the best of your abilities. Grow in purpose and community.

Energy Advantages

From spiritual chakras, to the aura and the frequency of good vibes, learn how a healthy and balanced energy system contributes to personal wellness and enhances your experiences with the other side.  Ensure strong, uplifting connections with Spirit, create longevity of purpose and thrive.

Enhance Awareness

Create balance between being spiritual and human! Shift through limitation and unhealthy beliefs, move through lifetimes of karma and expand into a healthier state of consciousness and existence as you raise the standards of your life. Gain an appreciation for the sacredness and responsibility of serving with integrity as the voice of those in the spirit world and honouring all of life with compassion and love. 

“Bonnie Wirth is a change maker. She is a miracle worker. She is a transformer. How she does what she does is a marvel to behold. She is a gift to humanity. Working with Bonnie and seeing her work with others is to witness love in action in a way only Bonnie can express. Do not miss your opportunity to work with this rare and gifted healer. I love Bonnie Wirth.”

Angela Montano

International Spiritual Coach and Prayer Counselor, Rethink Prayer (

(3) Levels of Certification!

There are (3) options of study available to you!

A Certificate of Completion will be provided to all participants who successfully complete each of the programs.

Level: Everyone begins with the “Spiritual Art of Mediumship”. This Basic-Intermediate foundational program includes 12-online interactive classes combined with practicum assignments. Enriched with all the knowledge and experiential exercises required for you to begin working as a professional medium. This course is a pre-requisite for continued mediumship education through the other courses I offer.  

Level : Choose to continue your training with the “Spirited Away Advanced Masters Program” which includes 10-months of online classes and compulsory in-person training with me that is sure to heighten your connections and elevate the quality of your life and experiences with Spirit. As an added bonus you will receive my personal recommendation along with your certificate of completion!

Level : After successfully completing both the Art of Mediumship and Spirited Away programs in the Academy of Spirit you now qualify for my optional internship program –  “Masters’ Leadership  Forum”. As a graduate of this 2-year program, you will officially be certified as an Academy of Spirit Mediumship Mentor and have the opportunity to facilitate  Level 1 modules with me in the Academy!

This 12-session  class is perfect for helping you to fully open and develop the skills required to cultivate and sustain safe, love-filled connections with the other side. Through this program I teach universal and divine truths of mediums and shed light on some of the greatest teachings Spirit has shared with me over the years. I answer the most commonly asked questions among new and developing mediums like you and provide a safe and love-filled environment to expand your awareness of Spirit and explore the profound healing nature of mediumship work. Upon completion, you will join a group of like-hearted mediums in my global online community “Mediums Om Spirit Lounge” offering continued guidance, support, Q&A, healing and more. Share in the discussions about deepening practices, interact with a like-hearted community and take your exploration with Spirit to an even deeper level.
This program is an exclusive opportunity for  mediums who would like to take their mediumship skills, experience, and confidence to a deeper level. You will go through intensive development and refinement of your mediumship skills with emphasis as to how to leverage your connection with Spirit to enhance wholeness, health and wellness in all areas of your life as a medium – personally and professionally. You will be empowered through a deeper connection with who you are, inspired to  reach your greatest potential in communicating with loved ones in the spirit world, heighten your connection and elevate the quality of your life and experiences with Spirit.

  • The Spiritual Art of Mediumship is a pre-requisite for this program.
The Masters Leadership Forum internship program offers you the opportunity to expand into purpose through Spirit and honour your call as a healer, teacher, speaker, author and more! This 2-year program consists of course study combined with practical and valuable experience to solidify your mediumistic skills, shift through barriers, fears and break free from what has been holding you back. Certified as a Academy of Spirit Mediumship Mentor you will have opportunity to facilitate classes in the Academy, share your knowledge and take your place in service to others on a larger platform with confidence and me by your side. We will be delving deeply into the Spiritual side of Mediumship, creating sacred experiences in connecting with loved ones in Spirit and doing some deep Soul work to empower you from within in order that you may further inspire and enlighten those you are called to serve.

  • The Spiritual Art of Mediumship and Spirited Away programs are prerequisites
In-Person Classes February 2020!
Registration is open!

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 The “Academy of Spirit and Soul is unlike anything else out there…..

Online mediumship training that supports you to create your most unique, authentic, and inspired life!



Live Training and Q&A!

During our live group training calls we have the chance to engage, learn and share in each others journey. This is also a great  time to have your questions answered and shift through anything that may come up along the way. Attendance is required to receive full certification; all calls are recorded. I look forward to each class; one of my favorite things to do is hang out with you!

Heart-Centered Community

You will love being a part of a community that truly gets you! Our private Facebook group provides a safe and sacred space to connect with other students and serves as place to support each other and share in experiences with Spirit.  All the information to connect with the classes and accountability assignments are available here in our FB classroom. I am also available to answer any questions and check in with you with the occasional FB live!

Interactive Learning

Theory is great – applied learning is even better! You will be supported  to fully open and develop the skills required to cultivate and sustain safe, love-filled connections with the other side through interactive and engaging activities, partnering exercises and practicum assignments.

“My experience with Bonnie has been more than I could have imagined.  Bonnie’s a genius in her connections to all, and in her ability to coach and empower people.  She knew what I needed to reach a new level in my Spiritual Development and with her guidance, my personal and professional life have forever changed.”
Elaine Singh

Spiritual Sixth Sensory Practitioner, Transformational Healer and Keynote Speaker,

“Bonnie is absolutely amazing. I have never met a soul with such willingness to help and teach all that she possibly can. Bonnie’s mediumship courses have changed my life, its as simple as that. Bonnie’s courses first assisted me in learning about the gift that I have, and they have helped me grow and expand my skills to even higher levels, they have helped me find confidence I never knew I had, and helped me truly understand who I am, and to be proud of that. Bonnie’s mediumship course gave me the confidence to start my own business as soon as I had completed the course, there was no questions asked, Bonnie has given me, in a short amount of time, all I needed to get going with my own journey. At age 17 I began  my own mediumship business, and I could not have done it if it wasn’t for Bonnie’s coaching, guiding and believing in me. Bonnie’s heart is huge, she’s comforting, and makes you feel so very heard and appreciated. Bonnie has been there, she has done that, she is such a great guide for mediums who are just starting to develop their skills, and Mediums who are wanting to delve even deeper into connection. Bonnie is an “Angel” sent from heaven and I’m blessed to have had her as a mentor for the last couple of years”
Taylor Maydonick

Medium, Awaken Medium;

“I feel extremely honoured to have met Bonnie at a time in my life when I needed her guidance so desperately.  She is a kind and knowledgeable teacher and from the moment you meet her it’s so obvious that she is here to serve the highest good working in unconditional love.  I consider her one of my biggest blessings! I am very fortunate to have been able to mentor under Bonnie and feel privileged to have met her when I signed up for her mediumship course.  She is one of the sweetest and down to earth people you will ever encounter with a gift for communicating with the higher power that is astounding.  She is capable and captivating and the class I took just flew by.  The knowledge that I was able to take away will forever be in the forefront of my spiritual tool bag and I will always be grateful that I was led to such a warm hearted and giving person who is genuinely excited to help everyone that crosses her path for the highest good of all.  Bonnie you are a true earth angel and someone that I will always look up to and will recommend to anyone!”
Dene Adam

Medium, Moved 2 Heal

 Become a certified medium!

Bonnie Wirth, lovingly known as “A Medium’s Medium”, is one of the most sought after mentors and leading teachers in Canada in the field of Mediumship.  Bonnie supports others to utilize their mediumistic abilities; authentically and with Soulful purpose.

Bonnie can be heard weekly on her popular call-in radio show “Lighten Up” on Empower Radio and seen on stage sharing evidential messages of hope and guidance from loved ones in Spirit during her events.

An inspirational speaker, spiritual teacher and medium captivating audiences with a compassionate heart, a sense of humour and inspiring them to thrive on the other side of life’s challenges.  Her life-changing retreats are another opportunity to unravel the past, discover purpose and shine.

“I am me and you are you. Blessed be the day that we fully accept our truth; to your own self, be true.”  ~ Bonnie Wirth