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Master the amazing powers of high sense perception!
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Option (1) Full Payment:  $3250.00 (plus 5% gst) = $3412.50

Option (2) Deposit Only:  $1625.00 (plus 5% gst) = $1706.25

  • Final payment due on/before September 1, 2020

Option (3) Payment Plan: $1625.00 (plus 5% gst + $35 admin fee) = $1743.00

  • 2nd payment due on/before September 1, 2020
  • final payment on/before December 1, 2020

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“I would highly recommend anyone wanting to take their Mediumship to “another” level or anyone looking to enhance or create something new in their business to participate in Bonnie’s Advanced/Masters program. Not only will this study take you to another level personally and spiritually, you will learn and expand on techniques learned in the Basic and Intermediate class.” 

Julie - OR, USA