Gain valuable insight to enhance your everyday life. Release the burdens from your heart and experience a renewed sense of hope and peace.

As my work continues to evolve, I am no longer offering private readings or individual healing sessions outside of my existing programs. However I understand the importance of finding trusted mediums who can offer compassionate care for your well-being.

I have compiled a list of mediums who are certified with me and I endorse. I know they are capable of nurturing your heart with the same level of care and compassion I have always strived to provide. 

marianne ACL

Supporting Your Soul's Highest Path

I am a Psychic-Clairvoyant-Energy Healer, Holistic Wellness Coach, Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Mind-Body-Eating Coach, Certified Master Medium- Instructor-Mentor, and Certified Angel Practitioner who channels guidance and healing energies from the Divine realms of Higher Consciousness.

I offer personal 1:1 reading, soul guidance from your Angels and Spirit Guides, personal 1:1 healing session, sacredly guided by your Angels, Spirit Guides & Healing Masteries, and personalized coaching for emotional eating & other dysfunctional eating habits, mind-body-nutrition, and/or grief recovery.

If you feel uncertain where to begin, drop me a line and we can make arrangements to discuss options.

ACL Amanda Banner, Transparent

Crafting your comeback with Soul Activation through Life's Toughest Battles

I have been in the personal and professional Health, Wellness & Healing industry since 2003 helping navigate grief, loss and change!

I have a passionate heart to bring healthy awareness in a safe, confidential space relighting the fire within one's soul no matter the setbacks or struggles; helping others to discover their inner peace!

I have a wide variety of credentials from hands-on healing to energy healing, mediumship, and a diploma in addictions and mental health. I offer deep transformational packages customized to your journey and soul activating individual sessions!

Susan ACL Banner Transparent

Guiding women toward relaxation and balance in all aspects of their lives, helping them reconnect with their authentic essence.

My expertise includes mediumship, sound relaxation, 500 hours of yoga instruction, astrology, level 2 Reiki, and 31 years in massage therapy. I offer personal readings using astrology and tarot cards to help you understand yourself better, connect with guiding spirits, loved ones who've passed on, and even your pets.

If you're feeling stuck, I can help clear the space and energy around you. Need relaxation? Try my gentle yoga classes, healing Reiki sessions, or soothing sound treatments.

Pamela ACL Banner Transparent

As a Transformational Life Coach, I specialize in taking a holistic approach in guiding and empowering my clients to transform their lives by overcoming obstacles, gaining personal insight, and creating a more fulfilling life.

I provide personal support and create a safe and non-judgmental space allowing one to express themselves freely as they unlock who they really are at their core.  I offer tailored programs that cater specifically to one’s beliefs, values, needs, feelings, strengths/challenges.

I have had the privilege of being trained/certified by world-renowned expert Mary Morrissey, Astrologer Debra Silverman, Medium James Van Praagh, and Bonnie Wirth.  Bachelor’s Degree  - University of Sedona as an Ordained Minister and hold certifications as a Hypnotherapist (Specializing in Past Life Regression/Progression), Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, and Reiki Master.

Life is an ongoing journey that requires having a deeper understanding of oneself and I believe there is deep meaning in everything we encounter in life whether it be people, circumstances and situations.

Paula ACL Banner

I look forward to helping you awaken your true self. 

My service to you lies in the power of my ability to bring about truth, transformation and acceptance within you. I come to you with a blend of compassion, grounded spirit and intuitive connections.

My method is a unique blend of spiritual and psychological medicine, aimed to tenderly cradle your souls’ wounds, and the whispers of your heart and your true essence.Over the past 11 plus years I have created my own elixir of spirituality; a harmonious blend of various certified modalities marinated with intuition and traditional wisdom.

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