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There certainly are moments of uncertainty in all our lives.

We have relationship, career, finance, and health concerns to consider; worry and fear can sometimes overwhelm and consume us.

There are decisions to make in the midst of juggling family, work schedules, daily responsibilities, and all that life asks of us. It can feel like we have no where to turn for answers.

There are times when the challenges in life weigh upon our heart, especially when we loose someone we love. Death is the most difficult of experiences to navigate and we can struggle to find acceptance or even regain a sense of peace and happiness in our life.

Having a reading with a trusted medium can offer you an opening to the other side - the chance to get the information you need to better your day to day life.  A single session can bring peace of mind, offer help in making decisions, give you strength to move forward, and provide you with a renewed sense of hope and purpose.

With my schedule being quite busy, unfortunately I do not always have the opportunity to offer private readings or individual healing sessions outside of my retreats, or coaching, and mentoring programs. So what I have done, is created a list below of mediums who are not only certified and endorsed by me, I trust them to take good care of your heart.



Angel ACL Transparent

My name is Angel.

I am continuously learning, reflecting and striving to become more self-aware. I have studied and continue to study many different healing modalities. I have a genuine compassion for others and an authentic intention to bring forward healing messages to the best of my ability.

What I can offer is clarity.  During a session, I am able to connect to angel's, guides, animals, those in spirit who are both living and crossed, and more. 

marianne ACL

Supporting Your Soul's Highest Path

I am a Psychic-Clairvoyant-Energy Healer, Holistic Wellness Coach, Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Mind-Body-Eating Coach, Certified Master Medium- Instructor-Mentor, and Certified Angel Practitioner who channels guidance and healing energies from the Divine realms of Higher Consciousness.

I offer personal 1:1 reading, soul guidance from your Angels and Spirit Guides, personal 1:1 healing session, sacredly guided by your Angels, Spirit Guides & Healing Masteries, and personalized coaching for emotional eating & other dysfunctional eating habits, mind-body-nutrition, and/or grief recovery.

If you feel uncertain where to begin, drop me a line and we can make arrangements to discuss options.

Kim ACL Banner Transparent Background

I’m honored to serve Spirit as an Evidential Medium to help people connect with loved ones on the Other Side.

Experiencing the death of my only child, I know firsthand how healing mediumship is.

I’m certified as an Evidential Medium by Bonnie Wirth, a Master Energy Medicine Practitioner by Dr. Alberto Villoldo, and a professional Astrologer through the world-renowned Debra Silverman School of Astrology.

In addition to providing Evidential Mediumship Readings, I offer Astrology Readings and Energy Healing Sessions to help people find hope, healing, purpose, and life direction in living after loss. Sessions are conducted online for your convenience.

ACL Amanda Banner, Transparent

Working globally helping you reconnect your courage and confidence while discovering inner peace.

I have been in the personal and professional Health, Wellness & Healing industry since 2003.

I have a passionate heart to bring healthy awareness to lives in a safe, confidential space relighting the fire within one's soul no matter the setbacks or struggles; helping others to overcome trauma, navigate grief, regain emotional strength & achieve desired goals.

I have a wide variety of credentials from hands-on healing to energy healing, mediumship, and a diploma in addictions and mental health. I offer deep transformational packages customized to your journey and individual sessions for energy healing, empowerment, and readings.

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