(6) Ways to Describe Someone on the Other Side

We all have unique personalities with different attributes and characteristics that make us who we are. Our personality is an expression of God in many, many different forms.  Understanding your own personality and other people in your life will help you better understand the many personalities of those individuals in the spirit world.

Our ego, which is a part of our personality, the very thing that makes us human.

Lower Ego - those lower attributes of our personality can sometimes get the best of you. The lower ego is the part that's judgmental, aggressive, ornery, bitchy, sometimes unkind to other people and perhaps a bit temperamental.

Higher Ego - that part of you that offers more grace and understanding, forgiveness, and love. Full of optimism, kindness, patience, less judgmental and allowing.  


When someone dies and crosses over to the other side, they shed their ego; they leave the lower aspects of their personality behind. When a medium connects with those in the spirit world, they are connecting to an individual with unique characteristics and attributes of the higher self – the part of them that was kind and outgoing and patient and loving. A great sense of humour or even shyness remains.

Very often, a spirit will come forward with the energy of the lower aspects of their personality which serve as evidential and key pieces of information for a sitter even though after ‘death’ they often are in their higher form. They present with an energetic expression of their lower disposition, so they are identifiable to their loved one through the medium’s description of them.  Even though they might appear to be depressed, miserable or ornery, they are presenting with that energy so that they are recognizable, but they themselves are no longer depressed, miserable or ornery.

Yes, it's great to be able to land the names, important dates and share other key pieces with a sitter like how someone crossed and important memories they shared. In fact, these types of evidential markers are indeed some of the best moments in a reading for the medium and the sitter. This does however cause a medium to put a lot of pressure on themselves in a reading. When there is pressure, there is a contraction of energy. This can make it even more challenging to clearly receive pertinent information especially if a medium is not skilled in this way. They may begin to panic a little bit, lose confidence, stumble in their spirit communication, and otherwise miss some key impressions.

Being able to clearly describe the personality attributes of someone’s loved on the other side also serves as a great way to identify who the medium is in connection with. Its also a great way to take the pressure off and find more flow with the incoming impressions from the spirit world.

Here are some great ways to do that:

  1. We have all known people who are generous and kind. They were a pleasure to be with,  friendly, and always seem to be smiling. Someone who was generous can be described as someone who liked to help others. Whereas someone who was mean can be described as unpleasant, selfish, nasty, or miserable.
  2. Some individuals were always respectful, polite, and well-mannered. Someone who did not care about other’s feelings can be described as rude and impolite. If they use bad language, you can say they were vulgar, obscene or had a potty mouth.
  3. How did the spirit you are describing deal with difficult situations? Some were people who would get angry easily. Some even hot-headed. Others may have been calm and sensible and looked at everything in a relaxed way seemingly having had no cares at all. Others might have done from 0-60, calm one moment to mad the next. They could also have been moody.
  4. Someone who tried hard to do big things would be considered ambitious. You might also describe them as resourceful. Resourceful people would find quick to find solutions or keen when a challenge presented always seeming to know what to do. Someone who was happy with what they accomplished in life could be called content or fulfilled. Someone who was not can be referenced as having been unsettled or unfulfilled in their life.
  5. Individuals who loved company, being surrounded by friends, and going to parties are extroverts – often easy-going, meaning not much bothers them. Whereas describing a person who did not like to go out or be with people much, you can use the word introvert, shy, or even say they were uncomfortable in social settings.
  6. If a person was good at making people laugh, they could be described as having a great sense of humour, funny or comedic. Those individuals who perhaps did not laugh a lot, could be described as very serious or boring instead.  


When you become skilled at describing different personality types, it gives the spirit world many other ways to confirm their presence in a reading and more importantly, it assures their loved ones of your connection to them.


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