(4) Healthy Habits for the Energy Sensitive

It is no secret that empaths are extremely sensitive to the energy of the collective. Many of us are what I call extreme empaths. Extreme empaths do not always know when they are absorbing other people’s emotions, traumas, and energy. When this happens, you might become irritable, exhausted, depressed or even physically ill. If you continue to absorb this energy without doing anything about it will become increasingly detrimental to your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

As an empath you feel and experience the world a lot more deeply than those around you. Occurring in an estimated 5% of the population, empaths in a sense personify empathy being able to experience the feelings of other people physically, emotionally, and psychologically on a daily basis. Although empaths have finely tuned intuition, compassion, creativity, and listening skills, we can sometimes experience a variety of negative side effects from this gift.

As with any process of transformation, the first step to becoming an empowered empath is to recognize that you are an empath. I define an empowered empath as “a person, who having intentionally cultivated their gifts of energy perception, uses those skills with awareness and discernment to help and heal other people.”  Accept you are an extreme empath starts with opening the door to becoming aware of your own emotions, and creating healthy habits that honour your sensitivity.

While empaths care greatly for those around us, they have a tendency to neglect their own physical and emotional health. Self-care is not selfish. It is essential for someone as sensitive as you are. You can be proactive with yourself....

  1. Recognize whose energy you are feeling. Empaths are emotional sponges; you absorb the energy of other people and sometimes you might mistake it for your energy. A sudden shift in your mood or the onset of emotional overload, can be an indication that you are taking on someone else's emotional experience. Recognizing this can help dissipate the feelings you absorb from other people. It is imperative that you question your emotions. The more aware you become of your own emotions in this way, the more you will be able to manage your expectations, recognize what is yours, what you need and put yourself first when need to.
  2. Boundaries are essential. As an empath, it can be an internal struggle between helping those around you and looking after yourself. Honouring your own sensitivities with boundaries helps you to avoid overwhelming situations, giving more of your time and energy than you do to self-care, and they also support you to receive what you need. Protect your energy by saying 'no' to being everything to everyone. Be there for yourself. Limit the amount of time you spend helping others to find your balance to giving and receiving.
  3. Make your home your sanctuary.  As a highly sensitive person you need a calm, soothing space where you can recharge your batteries and feel comforted. Creating a space that speaks your heart and honours your energy as this will bring the greatest sense of reprieve from the outside world. A nurturing space will help you shed other people’s energy and replenish your own. A clean, clutter free space will clear your energy field and settle your nervous system.
  4. Let your overall health and wellness be your priority. Find activities that replenish your reserves and find ways to incorporate them into your schedule. Read a good book. Spend time in nature. Writing and journaling is an amazing outlets for an overflow of emotions. Set aside time to pray or meditate. Listen to music that soothes you and lifts your spirit. Take your dog on a walk or keep up with a regular exercise routine. Give yourself opportunities to step away from the scrolling and social media feeds. Allow yourself some time to decompress and be alone when you need it. Enjoy an Epsom salt bath. These little investments in your health can make a big difference.


Hang on to these tips to help you take care of yourself. In a world where everyone matters, remember that you matter too.

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