3 Things that Will Help You Manifest Your Desires

The beginning of a new year is traditionally the time that many of us begin to consider our life

We reflect upon the previous year taking stock of what we liked about it, we think about the challenges we had to over-come and begin to contemplate what it is that we truly want out of life. We revisit our past and mull over how we would like our  life to be now; we meditate on how to create deeper meaning and purpose. We ask our angels for guidance and call upon our spirit guides to help. We pray for change and yet we may not even realize that the Universe is waiting for us to do our part to make it happen.

To manifest your desires, give them (3)-things:
Intent, Emotion and Attention

  1. Set intentions that are centred on helping others. Intentions are much more powerful than wants or wishes. When we include others in our intention it increases the power of its purpose – it shifts from being individualized to invoking a blessing for others. “Bless and you will be Blessed”

An intention helps us to create more clarity for our life. It is a guiding principle for how we want to be, live, and show up in the world and are by far a more peaceful approach  in co-creating with the universe. Intentions tend to be from our heart and as such become the driving force of our Higher Self.  When we combine our intent them with helping others, we are enacting a prayer into the universe for them – and sometimes the most valuable thing we can do for a person is pray for them.

** When setting your intentions ensure they have a positive, uplifting tone and are stated in the present tense.

 2. Be the energy of the intention. Our thoughts alone do not create our reality; the feelings behind our thoughts trigger the results we get no matter the goal – wanted or otherwise. Our feelings create our reality, they attract our likeness.

Our emotions are the fuel that causes our intention to take off in the universe. Once we have determined what are intentions are, our job so to speak is to lift our emotional body so that we become a frequency match to our desire.

This does not mean we ‘pretend’ to be positive. We are human after all and some days being positive is a challenge. What this does mean is that we need to give ourselves permission to feel shitty when we feel shitty. Then do the very things we know will help us feel better whether that be going for walk, talking to a friend or watching a funny movie to shift our vibe. Little things every day to help us to feel better. When we feel good, we attract good feeling things, people and experiences
into our life.

3. Focus your Energy. You have probably heard them all:
Energy flows where attention goes.

                       What you give your attention to grows.

                       Thoughts become things.

This is true on a number of levels – the universe responds to what it is we are focusing on.

Our focused attention vibrationally draws more of what ever we are focusing on into reality. When we are worried or caught up in drama the universe responds by bringing us more things to worry about and more drama to deal with. Our attention directs our energy; our energy speaks to the universe and the universe replies with giving us the experiences of what we have been
focusing on. When we give more attention to our desires, so does the universe!

This also means we must focus our energy with action. If our intention is to open a business, we need to start taking the steps to do so – create a website, order business cards, hire a business coach to get going. If our intention is to change careers – update our resume and send it out, apply to college, attend a job expo. If our intention is to lose weight – put down the cookie and begin to make some healthier food choices.

Choose to focus on things that are empowering, supportive and in alignment with what you really want to manifest and the Universe will take care of the rest!

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