The Oracle View – 2021

2021 is the Year of Spiritual Discernment. It is filled with fresh energy and opportunities for growth and expansion. The chance to expand our minds, discover what is important to us, and become more conscientious of the choices we are making for our lives; to make positive, healthy lifestyle choices that enhance and benefit us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

In numerology, 2021 is a year 5.
1+0+2+1 = 5
The number 5 represents all the elements – earth, air, wind, fire and spirit which allows us to work in more in harmony with the Universe and unity with each other without losing our unique sparkle or sacrificing our needs. The energy is lighter, liberating and it will help us to embrace what makes us different while at the same time, help us to show up in the world as our most authentic selves.
2021 energy is brighter and motivating, its a powerful manifesting year! Although you may still feel a bit off, uninspired and a bit complacent. We are basically in recovery mode from 2020 until the end of March – light overcoming darkness. So be attentive to your need’s sweet friends as the first (3)-months of the year are our healing months. Make accepting, loving and honouring yourself a top priority. Seek out help and support from trusted healers if needed.
Self-responsibility continues to be a major life theme and the Universe continues to invite us to make wise choices. Its a year to expect the unexpected, to be prepared for anything and that no matter what happens, to remember that no only will we prosper from the experience of it, our soul knows what it is doing – let your soul take lead.
We are also being invited to:
  • live in flow,
Living in flow is all about letting go to allow life’s course to unfold. It is the concscious choice to lead with less resistance and more calm.
Honour your intution – say no when you do not want to do things and say a big YES! when unexpected feel-good opportunities arise. It is especially important to honour what is right and best for you regardless of the expectations of others.
  • be flexible and spontaneous,
Our ego has a tendancy to keep us rigid in planning and doing. Being flexible to change and spontaneous from time to time, helps to raise our vibe and shift the energy to open to opportunities that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.
Give yourself permission to change your mind, change your schedule and try new things. This allows for more fun, creativity and adventure and is a more expansive way of experiencing life. It is time for more joy in your life, don’t you agree?
  • stay in the present moment,
Far too often, we can concentrate all our efforts on future happiness rather than ejoying the moment we are in. This can lead to high levels of anxiety, worry and fear. This is a year to elevate the quality of our life – less worry more joy!
The problem, like life will not last forever. Instead of focusing on the problem, try enjoying the moments that you are being given instead. Make the most of the present moment and enjoy every minute you are given to its fullest. Your mantra, “this moment is what matters most”.
In this year of discernment, stay true to who you are sweet friends, follow your heart because only you can fulfill your destiny in your own unique way.
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