1-Word Changes Everything

From Trusting to Entrusting

The Universe is all about balance. Each of us has a different sense as to what balance is for us. Sometimes (like these times we are in) things can be disruptive to our equilibrium especially when we do not listen to that little voice inside of us.
When most people refer to balance, they envision a successful juggling act of keeping all their projects going, taking time for vacations and their relationships – a balance between work and play. Balance comes in physical forms, emotional forms, and a spiritual form and when one of these key areas are out of whack, everything is out of whack.
Living in balance and purity is the highest good for you and the earth. – Deepak Chopra
For me, having a balanced life means creating time for the things I have to do, as well as the things I love to do. I strive to create a cohesive balance between my professional and life responsibilities. I am always surprised when something happens to let me know that this is not actually the case.
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Last weekend my husband and I went hiking. Something that we love to do together. With winter starting to say goodbye, we were excited to get out of the house and go on a nature adventure. It was a great afternoon and as we wrapped up our hike and started down the incline to our car, I stepped awkwardly on a rock twisting my ankle. I was a trooper as I ‘walked it off’.  It wasn’t until we got home that I realized it was a bit worse than I had realized – ouch, elevate and ice.
Most people might write it off as just a twisted ankle but then again, I am not most people. There is always a deeper reason for everything that happens, or more precisely, the experiences I subconsciously create to get my own attention.
Ankles are all about support and essential in keeping us upright. They collapse when we can no longer stand on our own and are in need of inner support – the psychological and emotional beliefs that give our lives meaning and purpose.
Twisting my ankle was also sign that I have not been as flexible, go with the flow as I thought I was. The strain caused the energy to buckle as a way to release the emotional energy and resistance I have had to letting go…. but letting go of what?
Being self-employed is like having a master’s degree in spiritual growth. It’s been tough on my heart. I have had to cancel upcoming in-person events – from speaking events, classes, workshops and retreats. I have felt a bit letdown by my guidance in all the planning and creating.
And like so many of you, I have had to cancel the very things that keep giving and receiving in balance for me – like spending time with my kids, playing with my adorable grandson, my birthday holiday with friends, my daughter’s wedding celebration and my attendance to the annual sacred women’s circle that replenishes my soul.
Yes. I guess it is true. I am having a hard time letting go and trusting in the unknown; being flexible, feeling supported by the Universe, is challenging for all of us.
You know how they say changing one word can make all the difference in how we feel? Well if you haven’t heard this before, let me be the first to tell you it is magical.
I have always affirmed my trust in the Universe. As a medium, I trust spirit more than the doubt of ego. I trust my guidance more than logic. I have a strong bond of trust with my husband. Trust is that very spiritual concept that is at the foundation of my personal and professional life…. without it, things tend to get wobbly. Since twisting my ankle, I realized that I actually have BIG trust issues!
Our ego needs to trust. It takes work to build trust. It challenges the depth of doubt or faith we fall into. It creates a heavy energetic attachment to outcomes and expectations. When things do not go the way we planned, our trust is inevitably broken to some degree and we need to start rebuilding trust again. So much work! I have changed my word; from trust to entrusting.
Entrusting is the act of surrendering. It is letting go of how we think it should be and allowing it to be. It is faithfully believing that what is meant for us in this lifetime will find us. Entrusting is handing our lives over to the Powers that Be; entrusting is letting go of the control.
So from here on in, I am entrusting the Universe to provide for all my needs. I am entrusting spirit and the angels to guide me. I am entrusting my life to service and my heart to my husband.
Entrusting says, “I Am Supported”.
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